In the Autumn of 2017, I began a creative journey in response to life with cancer. “The Unknown” series reflects on everyday life, after “Cancer Bomb” detonated. The subject matter isn’t living with the disease, rather it’s about living life on this earth. As humans we will face challenges and crises. In being honest with our feelings – expressing our angers, fears, frustrations, we realize we’re not alone. In sharing our darkness we create light.

As an artist, one of the greatest compliments is to observe my work speaking to people. “The Unknown” Exhibition was visited by hundreds of people from the north to south of Norway. I was privileged to have conversations with a diverse group of people – all ages, men and women. Watching paintings live their own lives and inspire, encourage and strengthen people has been a delight and an honor.

Of the 40 paintings in this collection, there are a few originals and limited edition prints available.

Exhibition toured Norway from November 2018 to August 2019
Perleporten Loft, Honningsvåg, June 17-July 31, 2019
Ullensaker, Ullensaker Kirke, March 8-17, 2019
Tromsø, Grønnåsen Menighet, February 3-15, 2019
Nordkapp Menighetshus, Honningsvåg, 13-18, 2018

Media Coverage:
“Maler seg til et bedre liv”, Lungekreftforening, April 10, 2019
“Erica sine livsbilder, Sagat”, November 20, 2018