A favorite pastime of mine has been treasure hunting along the local coastline. The creative juices have flowed, as I plucked up polished sea glass, chipped porcelain, shiny stones, and delicate shells. Ideas swirled in my head, “Oh the possibilities!” Repurposing these gems into one-of-a-kind jewelry, window and wall decorations was a delight. How can a dreamer not be excited by new beginnings and fairytale endings?

Hundreds of angels, necklaces, and home decor – sea glass, driftwood, porcelain, rock and shell – were sold and scattered around the world. I still receive emails from happy customers that treasure these one-of-a-kind creations.

Unfortunately, my inventory is empty, and as cancer has damaged my finger dexterity, I’m no longer able to make them. So if you have one, congratulations! And if not, I hope the pictures of them put a smile on your face. They do, for me.